Friday, March 18, 2016


I've received some e-mails from blog readers asking why I haven't done any posts on exercise recently. The reason is that I have been having some knee issues, and I think it's hypocritical to upload posts if I won't join in.

The knee problems began over two years ago, and I've been working out with it against my doctor's advice. Well, the pains got worse and I have had to stay off exercise for about 2 months (except the occasional Now, the bad news is I still have the appetite of someone with an intense workout routine and I have gained 5kg this year (yup, please judge). My doctor has asked to stay off any exercise that disturbs my knee for about 6 months (this includes, running, skipping, cycling, jumping, kneeling.... almost everything). This kind of lifestyle is new to me, as I haven't been away from exercise for this long since 2012. However I see this as a challenge, and I'm willing to try to lose the 5kg without my regular exercise (but with the advice of my doctor and physiotherapist of course).

For those who have had knee injuries, you will love the "How To Lose Weight With A Knee Injury" series. However, beginning next week Monday we will resume the Bubzille Daily/Weekly Workout Challenges. These challenges will include everyone, with alternatives for people with knee injuries. This means I will be blogging twice a week, instead of just Fridays (yayyyyyy).

Today's post is a basic guide to losing weight with knee injuries (as advised by my doctor), it is not an exhaustive list, and I am not the doctor. However I will simply inform you of what my doctor and physiotherapist have advised me to do. If you have any knee injuries, please see a doctor immediately before joining any of the routines in these series, as there are various kinds of knee injuries.To learn how to lose weight with less strenuous workouts, please keep reading...

1.  Eat Differently

This part, I am learning the hard way. When I work out, I allow myself the occasional junk food on birthdays, get-togethers, that time of the month, etc. Well when your exercise routine is reduced drastically by almost 90%, you drastically remove the junk food too. The key is to eat lots of fiber from fruits and vegetables, and also make vegetables at least 50% of your plate size (please use a moderate plate size). Lean proteins like fish and chicken should be 1/4th of the plate, and starchy vegetables (or grains, fiber etc), should make up about 1/4th, Please note that these values are estimates and not some hardfast rule. However, this helps fill you up, while reducing your calorie intake significantly. Use more leafy green vegetables (spinach, pumpkin leaf, kale, water-leaf... etc), and cut down on starchy vegetables like (potatoes, yams, etc). Not only will this help your weight-loss goals in the long term, but it will also give your skin a beautiful glow.

2.   Walk, Walk, Walk!

Except your doctor states otherwise, walking is one of your best tools for keeping fit with a knee injury. My doctor says its okay for me to walk alot, but I should avoid uneven ground, or any terrain that puts a strain on my knee and wear comfy shoes. So, my new thing is walking. Aim to walk at least 10,000 steps a day, and not only would it keep you in shape, it will help keep your heart healthy. Instead of just setting out a certain time to walk, aim to include walking in your everyday routine.

3.   Swim

Unfortunately, I may not be able to do this because it's so cold right now in the UK. However if you can get a heated pool, or you live in the tropics, then this is one of the best cardio exercises with or without a knee injury. Swimming reportedly burn more calories than walking, and also jogging (depending on how fast you swim). Enrol in a swim class today. It has helped me a lot in the past, and once I find a heated pool, I would definitely begin swimming again.

4.   Say NO to alchohol and carbonated drinks

These are packed full with sugar and sweeteners. Sugars and sweeteners encourage fat storage, and increase cravings amongst other things. Losing weight is already hard, why make it harder with carbonated drinks? Drink more water instead, aim for at least 8 glasses a day. You can flavour it naturally with lemon, lime, peaches etc. Besides, drinking water before meals keeps you feeling fuller, and helps digestion.

5.  Weight-lifting and Resistance training


Weight-lifting has got such a bad reputation, especially among women. It is believed that it would make you muscular and shapeless. However doing it in moderation aids muscle definition, strength and gives you a leaner physique. With weightlifting and resistance training, you would look slimmer without actually losing weight on the scale. The key is moderation, start small, it's not a body-building competition. Start with very little weights (I began with 1kg per hand, and I am working my way up), and see your toned physique begin to unravel.

6.  Dance, Dance, Zumba!

Zumba is my new thing. I just started doing it thrice a week. Although it's very good cardio, I would advice against excessive jumps, or moves that put a strain on your knee. Inform your zumba instructor (shoutout to my Zumba instructor Kristi) of your knee problems ahead of time, and they will give you alternative moves that would not place unnecessary strain on your knee. Zumba is fun, and personally, it lifts my mood. So let's Zumba all the way.


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